Akira AI for Healthcare

Automated Image Diagnosis

Automated Image Diagnosis

Identify Cardiovascular abnormalities, involving Medical Image insights, personalized medications, and care, Patient Data Analytics, automated diagnosis, and prescriptions. Gene Analytics and Drug Discovery.

Connected Machines-IoT

Connected Machines-IoT

Patient Real-Time Monitoring, optimizes machine utilisation, Real-Time treatment, Real-Time and Service Management, Remote Health Monitoring, Multiple device integration, Wearable devices, capture and manage Real-Time data.

Voice and Speech Recognition

Voice and Speech Recognition

It involves Personalised responses with Contextual Understanding, Voice notifications, Voice navigation and correction, Speech-to-Text Recognition.


Real Time Healthcare Services

  • Brings Intelligence to medical devices.
  • Creates Smart Wearable Devices.
  • Health Analytics using Images, using cameras(selfies) as diagnosing tools.
  • Turn Electronic Health Records into Risk Predictors.
  • Create Clinical Decision Support Tools.
  • Identify risks of antibiotics resistance, Drug doses, Infection patterns.
  • Implement Advanced Radiotherapies, Physiotherapies.
Real Time Healthcare Services
Solutions of Akira Analytics HealthCare

Solutions of Akira HealthCare

AI revolution in Healthcare gifted some intelligent digital tools to help the doctors and nurses to diagnose and pick out the patterns and trends related. The tools, which employs Computer Vision and AI, trained learning from millions of images and provide analysis accordingly.

  • Robot Assisted Surgery
  • Virtual Nursing Assistants
  • Preliminary Diagnosis
  • Dosage Error Reduction
  • Cyber Security & Administrative Workflow Assistance
  • Fraud Detection & Decision Support System

Features of Akira Analytics HealthCare Platform

Early Detection

Use of wearable devices can be an applied AI to detect diseases like Cancer,or to monitor Cardiac diseases at a very early stage, supporting doctors to correctly identify and monitor the health status.

Discovery and Diagnosis

AI is being implemented at various levels across different hospitals worldwide to solve the issues of misdiagnosing. AI is capable of processing the information much faster than human that can enhance the diagnosing power with accurate results.

Decision Making

Improving patient care requires the correctly recorded aligned medical data for appropriate and timely decisions. Innovative AI techniques using predictive analytics will support in maintaining the public health by generating far accurate Decision Support Systems and Devices.

Real-time Treatment & Monitoring

AI is leading to the world where the critical surgeries and operations can be made possible using Robotics. Not only surgery but also self diagnosing and management for long term diseases is possible in this AI world, as robots are comparably much faster and accurate than human to achieve better health treatments.


Digitization can help healthcare professionals in making decisions and discover faster than the existing ways. It will also pave new tracks to search more efficient tools and techniques of AI that can help in improving the healthcare.

Virtual Reality

VRs in Healthcare have shown big advantages including the improvement of training the healthcare professionals through realistic and accurate simulations, thus improving comprehension and retention.

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