AI in HR and Recruitment

Real-Time Data Processing on Docker and Kubernetes

Better Integration of Analytics

Selection of candidates based on the skills and assigning them accurate profiles for which they are best fit. It increases productivity of the whole system and environment, promotes innovation and improvement of professional skills. Automated software of Artificial Intelligence selects candidates more accurately than human recruiter.

Big Data Analytics With Apache Spark & Flink

Removal of Bias

Artificial Intelligence does not include any kind of partiality while recruitment on the basis of country, caste, color etc. It purely judges the candidate on the basis of the performance with neutral behaviour and selects the deserving one. It involves Predictive Analysis to select the real potential candidate.

Big Data Warehousing and Data Lake Solutions

Automation and Advanced Data Analytics

Automation with Artificial Intelligence and algorithms along with advanced Data Analytics involves minimum time to analyse candidate skills and selection, delivering useful results. Better Decision-Making, Data Management leading to save time, money and resources.


AI Based Services for HR and Recruitment

  • Revolutionary Recruitment Platforms.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems, Outreaching and Targeted Candidates.
  • Artificial Intelligence defined Hiring Process.
  • Improved Candidate Experience.
  • Online Advertisement of Job, Video Conferencing and Recorded Interviews.
  • Automation of Application Analysis.
  • Self-Assessment Tools for Personalised Growth.
  • Employees and Recruitment Forecasting.
  • Analyse Employee's Work to improve Company Performance.
  • Skill Matching Recruitment.
Real-Time and Stream Analytics Service Providers
Data Analytics Solution for Stream and Real-Time Processing

Analytics Solutions for HR and Recruitment

Akira Analytics HR and Recruitment solutions involve Model Building comprising of Text Extraction, Text Summarisation, Similarity Measuring, Ranking Profiles, calculating personality traits and Risk Profiling. Solutions involve Information Extraction from Job Description, Searching Job Description based on entered Keywords, Information Extraction from Job Seeker Profile, Application of Job based on query by Job Seeker, Generating Summary of Selected Profile, Detection of Fake Profiles.

  • Survey Analytics and Resume Filteration
  • Performance and HR Management.
  • E-Commerce and Accurate Candidate Matching.
  • Candidate Sourcing, Screening and Onboarding Process.
  • Job Targeting, Planning and Budgeting.
  • Artificial Intelligence powered Advanced Data Analytics.
  • Data-Driven Insights, Automation and Optimisation of Tasks.
  • Social Media Integration.

Applications of AI in HR and Recruitment

Automates Transactional and Cognitive Workload

It automates low-level tasks, and not only automates transactional tasks and but also removes cognitive workloads.It provides flexibility to implement and edit procedures instantaneously eliminating time to retrain.

Assisted Intelligence

It provides assistance to human for better Decision-Making or performing actions. AI systems augment human Decision-Making and learn from interacting with human and environment.

Autonomous Intelligence

Automation of routine and non-routine oriented manual and cognitive tasks.It involves automating existing tasks and adapt to different situations and act autonomously without any assistance.

Proactive Selection and Less Administration

Artificial Intelligence and algorithms improve the hiring process at proactive level. It eliminates several tasks leading to less administration involving candidate sourcing, screening, conduction of interviews improving employee retention and better candidate experience.

Smarter Decision-Making

Artificial Intelligence based automated softwares enables better objective, data-driven and bias-free decisions leading to improved Decision-Making and contribution to business growth, reshaping recruitment process.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Chatbots analyse responses using Natural Language Processing (NLP), engage visitors over website, to demonstrate skills.Virtual Assistants contact applicants, store and analyse interactions.

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