Role of Artificial Intelligence in Telecom

Real-Time Data Processing on Docker and Kubernetes

Optimal Network Quality

It involves Network Planning and Design, Network Tuning, Network Audit and BenchMarking, improves customer loyalty, End-user performance optimisation, Network Planning, and investment.

Big Data Analytics With Apache Spark & Flink

Predictive Maintenance

It involves AI-driven Predictive Analytics, Telco Data Analytics, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Data Center Management, Predictive Equipment Analytics.

Big Data Warehousing and Data Lake Solutions

Network Self-Optimisation

It involves 5G networks, Cloud migrations, increased number of OTT, Automatic Network Planning, Configuring and Controlling. Low Latency, End-to-End Intelligence and Complex Network Deployments.


AI Service Offerings for Telecom Industry

  • Artificial Intelligent Bots
  • Ambient Intelligent Devices
  • Smart Objects & Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automated Support & Intelligent Storage
  • Insight Engines, Virtual Assistance & Data processing
  • Writing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development
  • Mailroom Outsourcing, Document Management, Forms Management & Invoice automation
Real-Time and Stream Analytics Service Providers
Data Analytics Solution for Stream and Real-Time Processing

Analytics Based Solutions for Telecommunications

AI algorithms can automatically detect and identify video images, to help predict what types of content consumers will enjoy – and identify content that may have been illegally obtained. It provides Wireless Communications, Communications Equipment, Processing Systems and Products, Long-distance Carriers, Domestic Telecom Services, Foreign Telecom Services, Diversified Communication Services.

  • Virtual Assistance, Customer Experience & Speech and Voice search for customers
  • Security attack prediction
  • Robotics and future of the factories
  • Cost Reduction, Fast Results, Flexibility & Scalability, Accuracy & Quality
  • New revenue stream creation potential, Data Security and Privacy
  • Anomaly detection, Traffic classification & Fraud Detection
  • Cognitive Automation &Trouble Shooting

Artificial Intelligence Applications for Telecommunications Industry

Improve Customer Satisfaction

It involves Customer Relationship Management, personalised and adaptive customer journey, analyse data, recognise problems, multi-dimensional insights, optimize margins.

Mobile Tower Monitoring

It involves maintenance of mobile tower functions, network quality, troubleshooting connectivity issues, network optimisation, AI-driven Video Analytics for surveillance and IoT sensors to enhance network utilisation and Asset Management.

Manage Dynamic Networks

AIOps enables 5G network Optimisation and Transformation with Churn Prediction, Hyper Personalisation, New Product and Service Analytics, Intelligent Chatbots, Customer Retention and Advanced Analytics.

Improve Network Performance

It involves System Architecture Innovation, Autonomous Driving Networks, Network Function Virtualisation(NFV), Performance Management, Radio Access Networks, Cloud Based Network Management.

Automate Service Delivery

It includes Service Based Architecture, Optimising Networks, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Wireless Networks, Intelligent Service Centers, Service Quality Monitoring, Autonomous Optimisation.

Network Orchestration

It involves Network Configuration Management, Field Service Management, Real-Time Network Inventory Management, Service Orchestration, Network Auto-Discovery, Intelligence Assurance and Analytics, IoT Connectivity Management.

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