AI projects at a glance

Before you kick off your AI project, there are some things you need to define to allocate your resources wisely and set the right expectations.Get prepared in three easy steps!

Step 1: Define your AI project objectives

Companies at different levels of data science maturity have different objectives, expectations, experience and resources. Depending on your data science background, determine your AI project objectives.

  • Discover AI potential
  • Develop AI solution
  • Organize AI processes

At this stage:

  • Explore how to use data effectively to help grow your business rapidly
  • Discover new opportunities faster and support business development
  • Define if you need to build your own data science team
  • Gain a partner who will show you how to start using AI in business

At this stage:

  • Continue your data science journey by introducing best practices to the organization
  • Build data science competencies in-house
  • Gain a partner that is specialized in AI and will help you find solutions to old problems
  • Benefit from end-to-end solutions followed by ongoing model maintenance

At this stage:

  • Learn and apply proven effective solutions
  • Become self-sufficient in delivering new data analytics projects
  • Organize machine learning processes and increase your team’s efficiency
  • Verify technology stack and implement the tools and technologies that are right for yous
Define your AI project objectives

Step 2: Decide how to execute your AI projects

While preparing to start your AI project, you need to determine the best approach for delivering it. So first, define the basic assumptions underlying your project.

  • Will your AI project deliver a critical differentiator for your business?
  • What is more important – cost and time or the differentiation?
  • Do you have strong data science skills in-house?
  • Build in-house
  • Outsource

Choose when:

  • You have a team with appropriate competencies
  • Your team is ready to take on a new challenge
  • Time is not that crucial
  • You require more agility and control over the AI project

Choose when:

  • You don’t have a data science team or your team lacks competencies needed for the project
  • Time is crucial and your team is already running other AI projects
  • You need a high level of customization
Define your AI project objectives

Step 3: Specify next steps to start your AI project

Find the AI partner that fits your needs.We have wide experience in providing AI services customized to the client’s specific case and preferences, at the client’s location or remotely, and with pricing options.

  • AI Services
  • Team Augmentation
  • Training

Build an end-to-end AI solution using proven methodology

Expand your team with best-in-class data science experts

Upskill your data science team

Define your AI project objectives

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Define your AI project objectives

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